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Random pictures from this afternoon, Friday June 20th!

I created this video out of pure frustration. I woke up, stretched, picked up my camera and started rolling. I was so agitated that I just had to vent. Y’all had A LOT to say about this video!!!

This video was a quick response on how I felt. It was more realistic. I realized that saying I would relax my hair was a bit too harsh, so I had to justify all of my thoughts for the day. I am 95% sure I won’t be relaxing my hair.

I’ve been 100% natural since January of 2007.  I’ve been fighting to stay natural ever since!  I don’t know…it’s just that I miss my relaxed hair so much!  I miss my roller sets, my wraps, getting my hair done, etc.  So, here’s my fight to staying natural.  Hope you’ll join me!!

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